For a long time, I’ve wanted to deal with a not so recent evil, that ruins the lives of many people, boredom at work. It can take many forms, the lack of activity, the absurdity of the tasks to fulfill, in this project I wanted to address the lack of meaning. How to get to work every day when it seems to have lost all of its interest, when you no longer find yourself in the mission that is yours.

Not everyone is able to change jobs, the reasons are quite various, lack of skills, family situation, fear.
Unfortunately, this situation often has disastrous consequences, lower self-esteem, depression, aggression, withdrawal, frustration and anguish, but mainly people experiences a lot of sadness.


The Process

When I review my work, I realize that conceptual,staged photography is a big part of it. Transposing a feeling, an idea, a vision, into a single image is both exciting and complex.

Until then, photography series had never been a priority nor a desire. All this will change, I will force myself in any case not to do otherwise; Linking images together to obtain a coherent project, is way too rewarding.

The hard part? I must not wait for the « right » moment or prepare myself in a perpetual way; This project has been in my head for far too long, I’m afraid I won’t find it completed enough, it will surely be the case, it will surely always be the case.. Never mind, it’s essential that this project comes alive whatever happens.

Big advantage compared to a few months ago, I now have a little more room to tinker and even to shoot.
The project will be held at my home, in a small outbuilding to renovate, measuring approximately 12m2; it’s not huge, but enough for this project.

Last year, I had already tried to build a small set with the help of a team, and I admit that the experience had more than pleased me. This time, I will create six different sets using two frames of 2.44m by 1.20m.
The project will take place over a month, ideally on weekends.

Thank you very much to all the people who helped create this project, Adrien, Mikael, Midissa, Stephane, Florence, Ellyn, Sev, Manou.